We’ve found that some of our customers want a website, but say they haven’t yet got a lot to write home about. We can change that.

Our roots in journalism enable us to turn your everyday experiences into valuable news and content for your website, brochures and leaflets.

In fact, if you sit down and think back six months then write a list of all the good things that have happened with your business you will have the seeds of some great material!

Furthermore, we can set up a regular press release process and help you get your business noticed with effective ‘below the line’ marketing – both for your website and in the local and business press.

We’ve written much of the content for sites covering subjects as diverse as Estate Agency in North Cyprus and Dance Music in the UK.

So whatever your business, no matter how busy you are, Krann is here to take care of your website’s content, making it attractive, useful and relevant for your customers.