Online Shops

An online shop is by far the most cost-effective way of selling.

You can list thousands of items in scores of categories and you can run it from the comfort of a small office. All you need is a source of stock, a delivery system and a bit of time.

If you’re in retail (or you want to be) why not let us at Krann create an online shop for you?

Paving Centre MD Mark Bentley told us: “Thanks for your extremely dedicated work. I think the site looks so good at the moment it’s amazing. The menu looks fab.

“Huge thanks for your recent efforts. When its time, I won’t forget these efforts. I have included you on the news sheet as indicated, I mean it. All looks great at the mo. No doubt there will be more changes, will be in touch.”

A fully-featured system with unrivalled personal support

Krann’s range of online shops use current and updated versions of web software and are: