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Do any of these sites suit your business?

CLICK on a site below to see it in operation – take a look at it with your phone too!

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A picture is worth a thousand words. So, by replacing the photos in these designs we can make it look perfect for your business. When you look at the designs above, try to look at the ‘structure’ and ‘functionality’ of these sites because we can replace the photos. We also INCLUDE a selection of professional, royalty-free images with every website we create, so your site will look fantastic whatever design you choose!

The key to business success is attracting and retaining customers …and we understand that completely. We deliver services that are good for your business.  We have a lifetime’s experience in Graphic Design, Marketing, Communications Management and Journalism. We want your business to be successful and success online means working websites that makes your customer more likely to contact you. Plain and Simple.

The world today is one where the internet is inexorably transforming business worldwide, so it makes sense for Krann to offer a variety of web-based solutions to its customers – and we offer everything from graphic design to e-commerce.

We are always on the lookout to incorporate new techniques into the portfolio of services we provide – but we try to focus on those products that make a positive difference to each customer.