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Shorten those long old URLs

EVER emailed someone a wonderful website web address and they reply a bit later – “Sorry, couldn’t open it the link didn’t work, thanks anyway” – then you realise that the email program they were using cut the URL into two, rendering it useless?

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a quick way for you to make your long URLs…er…short. Really short.  I mean ‘tiny’.

Well, there is a way. Twitter users will be very familiar with it. It is called ‘tinyURL’.

Simply visit:

and copy and paste your long URL into the box provided – hey presto, a new ‘tiny’ URL is generated which links to the page you wanted your friend to see. This time, the URL is well, ‘tiny’ – so short in fact that it won’t be chopped up by anything or anyone.

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