A ‘RESPONSIVE’ Website is one which adapts itself to look good on a mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Modern websites should be responsive and Krann Ltd designs its new websites to be responsive.

The other advantage of a responsive site is that Google will like it a little better.

Google has its own criteria for what is and what is not a ‘mobile-friendly’ website (also known as  a ‘responsive’ website).

Google puts so much store on this that Google’s search engine results are actually affected by how mobile-friendly a website is.

If your site is very mobile-friendly, it will score higher in Page Rank (and usually appear higher in a search) than if it were not mobile-friendly.

This makes sense – we browse the internet far more on our phones and tablets than our PCs, so it comes as no surprise that Google should want to display sites that perform well and look better on a mobile phone. Google favours responsive sites over sites which don’t look so great when a smartphone accesses them.

So, how can you tell if YOUR site is mobile-friendly?


Visit Google’s mobile-friendly site test page and type in your website’s address.

(Find it here:  https://www.google.co.uk/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/ )

It’s a free test and it will tell you if your site makes the grade.

If it does, then you should enjoy higher results on Google and therefore more visitors to your website.

If it does not, then maybe you should consider a ‘mobile makeover’ and at Krann, we are happy to tweak your existing site to make it pass the Google test.

That way, you retain the website you know and love, but your customers (and Google) benefit from a site that has been given a tweak to look great on a mobile phone too.

Interested? Ask us about it at Krann Ltd on 01663 765080.

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